The Investment of Truth

Christopher Hoffmann
2 min readAug 20, 2022

The thing I find most odd about people who avoid the truth, is how they all want to be seen as better off than they are, a desire for wealth and social standing, all while talking in the currency of lies.

Those who not only tell small lies to avoid consequences but also fabricate grand lies to gain standing, are showing their poverty. They really don’t know what integrity is, the cost and investment in telling the truth and what’s required to only build a reality based on what is given freely or having been built with the bare hands.

Truth is an investment. Truth has no guarantee of ever being worth it. It’s as simple as, “If I tell you the truth, then we both have the same information.”

It’s sad to watch, the focus on the accumulation of power and privilege, used only to stand with others who allow all the lies, to welcome them, to add to the lies, which are a form of steeling from others, to take something never earned.

It’s such a hard thing to explain to the ethically poor, how even when you’re broke, penniless, out of ideas for lies to tell, to extract one last thing from someone else… the concept of the truth as an investment.

Truth has a value which benefits the “other” first, and like I said, it may never be worth anything to the one telling the truth, but it’s a way to create value, from nothing but the earth.