Christopher Hoffmann
2 min readNov 9, 2020



Before there was anything, there was nothing. And in that nothing sat the stillness of time. A feminine form of peace, a stillness so vast yet still, there was no way to find her. Even though she was everywhere, she could not flow because there was nothing to flow through to get somewhere else.

One day, the enormous pressure of time on itself, the unfelt pressure like water at the depths of an ocean caused a small bubble to form, a tiny little void where there was no time. In that little void was nothing but pure potential energy. With nowhere to go, this energy spun back on itself to form a microscopic orbiting ball of quantum life force.

Because the pressure of time had reached such a magnitude, other little energy balls started forming all across time. These little energy balls, like raindrops on a slick oily surface, started to find each other and clump into what was to become “matter”.

Once these balls of matter started forming they began to displace the nothingness of time, to in effect cause her to not be ubiquitous, to not be in total peace but to have to contend with this new existence in her midst.

As these balls of matter grew larger she felt a bit crowded, as they formed a depression, warping the fabric of time itself.