More of the Flesh and Blood

Christopher Hoffmann
1 min readAug 20, 2022

As to Christian Nationalists trying to gain power at the expense of human dignity, I believe the path to counter the mind control of it all is to become more human, more animalistic, more of the flesh and the blood.

These are all things the mind control of religion’s dogma fears. Because if we ask the body what is right, it will access a completely different connection to the cosmos. A more straight and immediate connection, one not cluttered and clouded by agents and self a pointed interpreters.

It’s the self appointed gate keepers we must ignore. Because we all have the right to access our own answers, the ones which are right for us.

I hope the abortion rights Athena incarnate will reappear. A version like she did during the George Floyd protests in Portland. Except this time, I hope she shows up as an outer-space alien.