Our lineage tells us when a bridge is required, but love cannot create one.

People don’t call life a journey for no reason. We all are trying to move forward on a road yet discovered. Since we all aren’t on the same path at the same time, others have traveled before us, years and millennium before us.

We may crest a mountain ridge and peer down into a new undiscovered valley becoming curious, attracted to our new challenge, or fearful of it. As we move into this new environment, we try to open ourselves to finding those who know this place, the ones we’re naturally attracted to and who are attracted to us.

These aspects are the known infrastructure of our lives, the blacktop, guard rails, and bridges. The journey leaves behind a road map we have traveled and implies an adjoining white, unexplored blank paper, us holding a cartographer’s pen and pair of binoculars.

Love then is not our lessons, love is not our salvation, love is not even something we can hold onto. Love is a force, a motivation, call to exploration the very wind in the sails of a ship built sturdy for the high seas.

If we stand at the edge of a raging river, turn to our partner who has lovingly shown us up the trail to this point, and ask them to help build a bridge, knowing they have never built a bridge… no amount of love will make a bridge appear. We inherit from our ancestors that a bridge is required, but we learn from those around us as to how one is created.

So love is simply a resonance that if we trust it as a motivating force, we open ourselves to the influence of our environment. The laws of attraction work perfectly when we love ourselves enough to listen for our next life’s lesson, for the right fork to take and to have the kindness to thank those who have shown us lovingly to this point.

I wonder if our sexuality is the conduit for love to flow from the cosmos into our bodies, to give us the life force we need, and to through our gratitude, thank those that share our intimate moments so they can channel their own life force to charge up their stores, to allow them to continue on their journey.

So if our commitment is to the journey, then why be so attached to one person that has maybe led us down one path or shown us the details of one small grassy meadow? The brush fire follows the fuel, white blood cells search for infection, eyes turn to where the light shines the brightest, so why would we sit still in stagnation and think more love will produce the infrastructure of the journey we must walk on our own?

All I’m wondering is by walking our path in a certain silence, of our own self awareness, we’ll attract those that need to walk with us, on a path of their discovery, because we have been where they need to go, in exchange for them showing us a path where we need to walk. In that moment of co-creation is where presence and peace transcends anything we could ever want or imagine. Is that not what life is for?

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